Ana Arts


Unknown. Untethered.

Ana Arts, a Dutch/Slovakian singer-songwriter has undergone plenty of turmoil in her life. Now a Londoner, she seeks refuge in her music, expressing there the darkest of her secrets.

It’s a slow release, with a subtle yet haunting guitar melody combining well with her thick vocals to make something that gets more beautiful as you listen to it.
— Jane Howkins, York Calling

Shaped by the enigma of the human life, this London based singer songwriter has a voice like no other. By reviving the vocal abilities of Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley, she emanates with heart-felt mood to the background of lo-fi soundscapes of the likes of James Blake. With her influence of Folk, Jazz, Rock and Pop she brings back the music of the past into a modern setting.  

Ana Arts’ voice has a magical air of vulnerability
— Tyler Damara Kelly, When The Horn Blows